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In partnership with OnDemand Energy, a part of the Kinect Energy Group, COSE is pleased to offer its members more options than anywhere else and a no-cost consultative review of your natural gas and/or electric bill.

Enrollment Information:

The first step in the enrollment process is to fill out the Letter of Authorization and have your utility bills ready. This way we can evaluate your utility bills.

To understand your electric and gas bills, we have provided you with information you need to know:

OnDemand Energy is the managing consultant of the COSE Natural Gas and Electric Choice Programs. They provide both commercial and residential electric opportunities to COSE members, chamber partners and applicable chamber affiliates.  

Residential Enrollment Information:

We are pleased to offer exclusive residential savings with Public Power, LLC ® to COSE members, and employees of the member company for your home. Rates can change monthly, so be sure to check online for current rates.

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*Estimated savings based on a $0.09/kWh rate and are estimated over the life of the products in the kit.

Why Energy Matters for Your Business:

If you value budget certainty and are averse to market risk, you are currently seeing an ideal hedging opportunity for electric and natural gas. The US natural gas market is in backwardation, which simply means contracts in 2019 are priced below contracts in 2018. So if you are questioning why we are recommending 36+ month long electric contracts, it’s because market conditions and budget certainty, are of most importance to small businesses like you.  We recognize that a longer term product may not be right for all members goals, objectives and needs and we will explore alternative options with our pool of suppliers and consulting team at OnDemand Energy. Don’t lose out on this rare opportunity. We are always closely monitoring the state of affairs with our energy consulting partner, OnDemand Energy, to ensure rate stability and a broad array of energy choices for our members.  One call handles both natural gas and electric, so let us be your trusted energy advisors.

How OnDemand's Program is Impacting Local Business:

“As a GCP member, we’ve benefitted from OnDemand’s Energy’s deep industry knowledge and energy management strategy. Their team reviewed our historical energy usage, negotiated with electrical and natural gas suppliers, performed a market analysis and made recommendations that saved us thousands of dollars on annual basis. We are confident in OnDemand Energy’s ability to advise members like us on the best opportunities and contract terms.” - Don Green, Director—Facilities, Medical Mutual.

About OnDemand Energy

Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, OnDemand was established with the primary intent of helping our business customers manage their energy needs on both the supply and demand side of their meter.  Our staff is comprised of more than 40 energy experts with over 250 years of combined experience in managing the complexities of energy supply, delivery and consumption while controlling the impact to our customers bottom line.  To learn more, visit us at

About Kinect Energy Group

Kinect Energy Group was established in 2016 but the roots of the company have been around for decades. The company represents the collective talents of Bergen Energi, Nordisk Energipartner, U.S. Energy Services, UX Energy, Beach Front Energy, Public Utilities Board (Australia), Orchard Energy (UK) and KTM, Inc. Each company brought regional expertise and unique insights to make Kinect Energy Group who it is today: a leading global energy management company. For more information, visit

To read the full press release on the new partnership between OnDemand and Kinect Energy Group, please click HERE.

Questions? Contact us at 216-592-2205 or