COSE Retirement program offers employers simplicity, peace of mind – and a competitive edge 

“We needed to figure out a way to provide competitive benefits, and COSE Retirement is way for us to be able to do that.” 


Launched in the summer, the new COSE Retirement provides big business benefits at low rates for small businesses on 401(k) plans. The program help makes retirement planning easy for small businesses by alleviating administrative burdens for employers and providing a state-of-the-art retirement planning experience for employees.  

It also provides a competitive edge.  


My business, like many COSE businesses, is not big enough to have a complete financial organization that can handle all of our benefits. Yet right now, like many businesses, we are struggling with retention and staffing and things of that nature,” says Toby Heintzelman, Director of Operations of the Driftwood Group, who recently signed on to the COSE Retirement program.  


“We needed to figure out a way to provide competitive benefits, and COSE Retirement is way for us to be able to do that. I’m confident in the product. I know it’s been vetted by COSE and partners, just like other COSE products we have used, such as Workers Comp and Energy.” 


Heintzelman says the new COSE program simplifies retirement plans for employers. It offers peace of mind to businesses by offering a seamless 401(k) plan integration from Empower Retirement, with a managed investment lineup by Vantage Financial Group, Inc. and plan administration by Trinity Pension Consultants. 


Its affordable and you have someone helping you – it makes the whole process much easier,” says Heintzelman We don’t have the HR capacity to do this on our own. It would take too much time and energy. Now, we can finally provide what we think is a great tool and great benefit for our staff.”   


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