American International Construction and Farmers National Bank – The right Business Relationship

Now in its 44th year, American International Construction (AIC) has completed more than 5,000 projects, with historic restoration accounting for the majority. For Michael Petrasek, President of AIC, there is an immense amount of pride in bringing some of the more notable historic structures in the Cleveland area back to life.

“At Baldwin Wallace University, we did Marting Hall, one of the classic structures in the Cleveland area that was built in the 1890s. It was a four-year restoration of the entire façade from the ground up, including the cupola which was completely rebuilt,” he said.

Another project was the Kulas Gate stairway, built in the 1800s from sandstone quarried from Berea, that leads to the historic part of the Baldwin-Wallace campus. After a major excavation to uncover some of the original walls that he likened to “an Egyptian archeological dig,” it took the company two years to rebuild the staircase to match its original appearance. “Now the Kulas Gate stairway is one of the most photographed areas on campus,” he added.

Over its more than 40 years, AIC has had numerous successes. But it has also faced a few unexpected impediments, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, which indirectly led Petrasek to Farmers National Bank.

“Chris McManis, who was now with Farmers, called me late on a Friday afternoon and offered to help me with my PPP loan application even though I didn’t bank with them,” said Petrasek. After consulting with his accountant, Petrasek decided to give McManis, and by extension, Farmers, a shot.

By the following Wednesday the loan was approved, and two days later, the money was in the company bank account. This level of personalized service and rapid response led Petrasek to transfer all of his financial business to the bank. Or, as he put it, “I moved all my eggs into Farmers’ basket.”



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