Reduce your blue light exposure at work

Elevated exposure to blue light from our many technology devices is linked to the onset of digital eye strain. Find out how to reduce exposure in the workplace.

Elevated exposure to blue light from our many technology devices is linked to the onset of digital eye strain. Find out how to reduce exposure in the workplace.


If you’re sitting in front of a computer screen most days, you have likely felt the effects of blue light and digital eye strain. Blue light is the range of light with the highest amount of energy in the visible light spectrum that is emitted by modern devices like smartphones, tablets, and computer monitors. While historically we have received our daily dose of blue light from the sun, our elevated exposure to blue light from these devices is linked to the onset of digital eye strain. 

How to reduce blue light exposure

Working under fluorescent lights or spending over two hours a day in front of a screen? Talk to your eye doctor about getting a blue-light-reducing coating, such as TechShield® Blue, on your eyeglass lenses. TechShield Blue is a next-generation anti-reflective coating that filters blue light wavelengths associated with digital eye strain. This near-clear coating is an excellent choice for people who work on computers or other digital devices all day.

Working outdoors or spending your days going back and forth between outside and inside? Light-reactive lenses like SunSync® Elite or SunSync Elite XT may be a better fit. These specialized lenses offer convenience and comfort while reducing ultraviolet (UV) and blue light exposure. Outdoors, SunSync lenses automatically darken, shading your eyes from the sun and providing 100% UV protection. Indoors, these ultra-responsive lenses quickly return to clear while providing targeted blue light filtration.

Ready to beat the blue light blues?

If you’re concerned about blue light exposure and digital eye strain, visit a VSP® network doctor to find a solution that works best for your lifestyle.

See Well. Be Well.® If you haven’t already, take advantage of your COSE member benefit and opt in to VSP vision insurance. Contact your COSE sales representative or broker for more information.

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