See Why GV Art & Design Chooses the COSE Benefit Plan for Their Health Benefits

Providing health benefits for your small business shouldn’t have to be a headache. That’s why COSE partners with Medical Mutual to offer more choice and flexibility to small business owners and their employees to offer them high-quality and affordable health benefits. The COSE Benefit Plan is a multiple employer welfare arrangement (MEWA) and self-funded benefit option that helps small business owners manage the increasing cost of healthcare benefits and provides the same great coverage that large companies offer.

We had the chance to sit down with COSE Benefit Plan customers George and Greg Vlosich, Co-owners of GV Art & Design, to hear how their plan gives them and their employees peace of mind. You can read their testimonies below –

Q: Why is it important to you as a small business owner to offer health benefits to your employees?  

A: Our employees are a big part of our success, so ensuring they are covered along with their families is one of the ways we show our appreciation. Most importantly, we care about the well-being of both them and their families. 

Q: What do you like best about the COSE Benefit Plan membership benefits? 

A: The COSE Benefit Plan membership offers several valuable benefits including competitive rates, top notch service and a wide range of coverage options. Our employees really enjoy the low co-pays and competitive pricing.  

Q: Why do you prefer the COSE Benefit Plan over other small group health plan options? 

A: As a small family business locally operated here in the Greater Cleveland area, we really appreciate the support from our Cleveland community, so partnering with other partners here in the community is very important to us. COSE Benefit Plan treats their members like family and always provides the support and assistance needed. Sometimes as a small business, you may not receive that kind of attention, so the service the COSE Benefit Plan provides is second to none no matter what the size of your business may be. 

To hear from other satisfied COSE Benefit Plan customers, visit our testimonial page.

If you think the COSE Benefit Plan might be a good fit for your small business, please contact your broker, your Medical Mutual Sales representative or fill out our group quote form.  



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