Free Verizon Small Business Digital Ready Summit at CSU June 12

Featured article sponsored by Verizon Wireless

As part of Verizon’s goal to support 1M small businesses by 2023, Verizon is delivering the tools small businesses need to succeed.  Together with Luminary, a global membership-based platform created to uplift, up-skill and propel small businesses through all phases of their professional journey, Verizon is hosting its second Verizon Small Business Digital Ready Summit, at Cleveland State University on June 12. This is a free experience for small business owners to network and participate in live events designed to help them grow their businesses. 

Small Business Digital Ready is a free program allowing small businesses to access personalized learning through 40+ courses, mentorship, peer networking, 1:1 expert coaching and incentives, including grant funding.

Participants of the Summit will have the opportunity to engage in workshops and educational sessions, with the goal of building connections and learning from subject matter experts, including local small business owners. In addition, a select few small business registrants in attendance will receive a free Chromebook. To learn more about the event and to register, visit Verizon Small Business Digital Ready: Cleveland Summit link.



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