Introducing MedMutual Pet™ – A Wellness Solution for Your Furry Friend

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At Medical Mutual, we know that you treat your pets like family. And like family, pets need high-quality care to support their health and well-being too. If you’re a COSE Benefit Plan member through Medical Mutual, you have access to MedMutual Pet – powered by Wagmo – so you can relax knowing the wellness services your dog or cat needs are covered as part of your health plan. This offering is available to new COSE Benefit Plan groups starting May 1, 2023, or for current COSE Benefit Plan groups upon your renewal. This only includes COSE Benefit Plan groups, also known as, COSE Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement (COSE MEWA) groups who have medical coverage through Medical Mutual. It does not include grandmothered, grandfathered and ACA groups.

As a part of this program, you’ll get reimbursed up to $350 for routine pet care like wellness exams, vaccines, blood work and more. You’ll also have the flexibility to use any veterinarian you choose, while having no restrictions around your pet’s age, breed or pre-existing conditions.

When you sign up for MedMutual Pet, you can get reimbursed for the following services:

Routine CareAmount
Routine Exam (1 per year) Includes annual wellness and physical examsUp to $100
Vaccines (2 per year) Includes routine vaccines like rabies, as well as booster shotsUp to $100
Routine Blood Work (1 per year) Standard blood panels, CBC and moreUp to $100
Fecal Test (1 per year)Up to $50
Total Value$350

Get Started

If you’re a COSE Benefit Plan member through Medical Mutual, follow the steps below to get your pet enrolled in MedMutual Pet –

  • Log in to your My Health Plan account at
  • Under the Benefits & Coverage tab, select MedMutual Pet, and click through to Wagmo’s website to enroll.
  • Note that only one pet is eligible per enrolled employee.

If you have any other questions about MedMutual Pet, please contact your Medical Mutual Sales representative or broker.

If you’re interested in learning more about joining the COSE Benefit Plan so you can have access to great benefits like MedMutual Pet, please contact your broker, your Medical Mutual Sales representative or fill out our group quote form.



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