Does Workers’ Comp give you major headaches?  If you answered “yes” then COSE has the answer – our partners at Minutemen HR!  

We’ve been around for more than 50 years, and when it comes to workers’ comp, we know that you need savings and support. That’s why we partnered with Minutemen HR.

If you’ve already requested a quote from our partners at Minutemen HR, they were mailed in August. Now it’s time to compare your options and get enrolled with the COSE Workers’ Comp Program before the BWC enrollment deadline in November. That’s right – you have time to compare options and there is absolutely no risk in losing your current or future discounts if you wait to compare your options and especially if you decide to change to our program. GCP and COSE have listened to and advocated for the business community for more than 50 years and we know that your business is your passion. That’s why we partnered with Minutemen HR. Their level of expertise is unmatched and their service and support are exceptional. Minutemen HR can save you money, time and headaches so that you can invest more in what matters most to you – your business, employees and customers. As a family-owned business, Minutemen HR understands your needs better than anyone else.

And as an Ohio-based business, they are experts in Ohio’s laws so that they can help you remain compliant with Ohio BWC rules and regulations. Don’t feel pressured to commit to another group before you review the offer and talk to our dedicated team at Minutemen HR.  If you need to request a quote or want more information, reach out to our team at (216) 452-0107 or email Why settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your business?  Enroll in our workers’ comp program today!



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