Verizon Small Business Digital Ready: Bringing Your Business into the Digital Economy

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Verizon Small Business Digital Ready program can help small Ohio businesses thrive. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. About 2.2millionOhioans are dependent on small businesses for their jobs. But, according to a National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)survey of its Ohio members, small business owners are struggling with major challenges like rising prices due to inflation and staffing shortages. Being resilient in this increasingly digital economy is more important than ever. To make that happen, small business owners need personalized tools and resources to thrive. That’s where Verizon Small Business Digital Ready – a free online program that brings together proven resources and meaningful incentives to support diverse small businesses with an integrated and customized learning plan. The Verizon Small Business Digital Ready program is built for and by small business owners and experts, and is integrated and customized for many small business’ specific needs. Additionally, when signing up for Verizon Small Business Digital Ready and completing at least two courses, small business owners have the opportunity to apply for a $10,000 grant to help their business grow with this new digital expertise. As part of the free curriculum, small business owners can engage in:

  • Short, info-packed lessons from small business experts with learnings that you can implement right away.
  • 1:1 coaching from business leaders across finance, marketing, business planning, legal and more. These experts can help you to apply what you know and what you’re learning to execute your plan of action.
  • Peer networking to build your small business network by connecting with other business owners on future opportunities.
  • Tangible tips, solutions, and products to help move your business forward.

Since its launch, over 900 Cleveland-based small businesses have registered and engaged with the program. And Clevelanders are seeing the impact. Verizon Small Business Digital Ready coaching features provide much-needed expertise and have already helped area small businesses. Start learning now at Applications for grants close on December 20, 2023.



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