A voice for Greater Cleveland’s small businesses

COSE is a non-partisan, member-driven organization that serves as the unified, collective voice of small businesses in Ohio. We work with you – Greater Cleveland’s small business owners – and on your behalf.

We look forward to continuing our collaboration with policymakers and key stakeholders to tackle the issues that stand between small business owners and their ability to achieve success.

About the COSE Advocacy Team

The COSE Advocacy Team works directly with our small business members to provide local, state and federal government with ideas and opportunities that foster a positive environment and allow for small business achievement in all of our communities.

COSE’s Advocacy Team strives to positively impact the legislative environment for small businesses through its:

Public policy agenda – serves as an important roadmap for our advocacy work, prioritizing the policies and principles businesses need to be successful. It also maps the ways in which we can successfully safeguard, scale and reform these fundamental policies.

COSE Small Business Caucus – provides a forum for volunteers to discuss, research and share the specific priorities of COSE as it relates to regulations and public policy issues affecting our members.

Advocacy events – designed to connect small businesses with the tools and people needed to learn about and impact legislative issues pertinent to small businesses.

Connect with us and learn more about how COSE can help you achieve success