Cleveland Chain Reaction creates jobs, investment and prosperity in Cleveland’s neighborhoods while providing education and coaching for entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners for the greater benefit of our community.

Business Application

APPLICATIONS are now CLOSED! If you have questions about the application process, please email Megan Kim, at
1.) Determine if your business is a “fit” for The Cleveland Chain Reaction.

Businesses of any type (retail, service, manufacturing, etc.) will be considered for this project and will have the following characteristics:

  1. A track record of some level of operations with customers and revenue that demonstrate a viable business.
    You must be in business for a minimum of 6 months at the time of application with the ability to show financials.
  2. A pathway and a desire for significant growth.
  3. The ability to produce business financials for review.
  4. A business that is currently in the City of Cleveland or a desire to locate business operations in a Cleveland neighborhood.
  5. An ownership team that is coachable.

Season 2 Call for Business

2.) Complete the application below. 

 3.) Provide an Executive Summary of your business opportunity including:

  1. Business Description (Product or service description, current business operation narrative and financials)
  2. Target market and size of the market
  3. Business model –how does your venture make money?
  4. Differentiating characteristics -what makes you and your business better than others of its type?
  5. Experience of owners and key managers
4. Optional: Film a short 2-minute video pitch.
If you choose to provide a video pitch, it should complement your executive summary and show our selection team why your business is more worthy than others for investment and support. You can do this on any smart phone or webcam—the quality of the video production itself will not be judged—it’s the content that counts. You will need to upload it and provide a YouTube link to your video for our judges.

Season Four Winners Announced

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