The Cleveland Chain Reaction Project is being produced to create jobs, investment and prosperity in Cleveland’s neighborhoods while providing education and coaching for entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners for the greater benefit of our community.

Historic Warehouse District

The Historic Warehouse District is a distinct, mixed-use residential neighborhood in Downtown Cleveland. In 1980, new Historic Preservation registries allowed property owners to begin developing historic structures using tax incentives. The efforts were successful and resulted in Cleveland’s first commercial building-to-housing rehabilitation, and the formation of the Historic Warehouse District Development Corporation. The Warehouse District’s sustained residential growth has incrementally developed a unique neighborhood economy – today rooted largely in an eclectic business mix including restaurants, nightlife entertainment, retail and offices.

As the community focuses on bringing more retail to the district, the entrepreneurial spirit can be seen in the successful Small Box retail experiment, involving temporary vendors to occupy commercial shipping containers and a related retail niche analysis. From longtime neighborhood restaurants like Blue Point to more recent new comers, like the Harris Stanton Gallery, an entrepreneurial spirit manifests itself in today’s street level merchants – seen in their enthusiasm to work together for neighborhood events. The district’s biggest strength is this locally focused culture. More mixed use projects are slated for completion this year.

In addition to relationships with neighborhood property owners, businesses, and residents, the Historic Warehouse District Development Corporation has a strong partnership with the Downtown Cleveland Alliance. Additionally, a strong relationship exists with the City of Cleveland’s Department of Economic Development.