The Cleveland Chain Reaction Project is being produced to create jobs, investment and prosperity in Cleveland’s neighborhoods while providing education and coaching for entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners for the greater benefit of our community.

Lee Harvard

The Harvard Community Services Center (HCSC) presents the Lee Road District as its area of focus. Located on Cleveland’s southeast side in ward one, the district spans from Invermere Avenue to McCracken Road and from the Shaker Heights border to Lotus Drive. Along the latter area is the most significant concentration of retail businesses in the neighborhood, anchored by the Lee-Harvard Shopping Center. This area includes retail, national franchises, and a concentration of institutional uses such as a public library, fire station, recreation center, and John F. Kennedy high school.

The neighborhood is filled with existing businesses and opportunities for many more in retail, commercial, office or industrial. Councilman Terrell Pruitt supports the business district by providing funding to support the Traffic Analysis, Conceptual Streetscape design, Fiber Optic feasibility, and Cost Opinion for the Lee Road Corridor. Staff at HCSC has experience in the program management and development of KillingsWorth Place, a 16,000 square foot area of retail located in Cleveland. HCSC brings solid relationships established with Minority Business Solutions, Consortium of African American Organizations, R.G. Neito Co.