The Cleveland Chain Reaction Project is being produced to create jobs, investment and prosperity in Cleveland’s neighborhoods while providing education and coaching for entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners for the greater benefit of our community.


Once the preeminent address for the Cleveland’s millionaire industrialists, MidTown offers a strategic location along one of the key commercial and historic spines of the City of Cleveland: Euclid Avenue. Since the 1980s when MidTown Cleveland, Inc. was founded, the declining neighborhood has seen immense growth. Daytime employment has increased to 18,000+, and employment in the Health-Tech Corridor has increased to 72,000+. MidTown has become a destination for 55 nonprofits, including the Children’s Museum of Cleveland and the new UH Rainbow Center for Women and Children, both of which are under construction now. While MidTown is filled with potential, 95% of residents and stakeholders said that adding retail and amenities to the neighborhood was important.

There are many assets and opportunities rising in MidTown. The Centers for Families and Children has agreed to partner with MidTown Cleveland to use their El Barrio job-training program for a “hire local” initiative to recruit and hire from the neighborhoods around MidTown for positions in retail locations. Entrepreneurs would have a pipeline of work-ready candidates to staff their businesses. MidTown also partners with many other organizations such as ECDI, Urban League, the Cleveland Culinary Launch Kitchen, and JumpStart. In addition, MidTown works together with a variety of experienced developers such as Hemingway/Geis, J & M Realty Advisors, and Cumberland Development who have an extensive knowledge with retail buildouts and working in tandem with local entrepreneurs. MidTown offers transit-oriented, affordable first floor storefronts with an opportunity to connect with the entertainment and tourism industry and our growing business and nonprofit community.