The Cleveland Chain Reaction Project is being produced to create jobs, investment and prosperity in Cleveland’s neighborhoods while providing education and coaching for entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners for the greater benefit of our community.

Old Brooklyn - 2018 Neighborhood Host

Old Brooklyn is a west side neighborhood of Cleveland approximately five miles south of Downtown and is home to roughly 35,000 residents. Old Brooklyn is Cleveland’s family friendly neighborhood where business and people come to grow. The neighborhood is home to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, a MetroHealth System hospital, the state’s largest community garden, and many local favorites such as Honey Hut Ice Cream, the historic Sausage Shoppe, and Jack Frost Donuts. Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation (OBCDC) has had many successes in the community, such as restoring the historic Pearl Street Savings and Trust building, helping create the Old Brooklyn Cheese Company, and finding business winners such as JAC Creative, Cleveland JAM, and Connie’s Affogato.

Last year in preparation for Cleveland Hustles, OBCDC brought together property owners, local

developers and partners to submit a proposal for the show. As part of Old Brooklyn’s strategic plan, the

organization has positioned itself as the backbone of the community, a role that puts them at the intersection of residents, business

owners, developers and major partners. The Cleveland Metroparks and The MetroHealth System sit on their Board of Directors and actively participate in much of their programing. Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation engages with local entrepreneurs, small businesses, and the community they serve through various channels ranging from social media posts to serving on committees.