BBB Tips: How Can Social Media Play a Role in Creating Trust?

An effective social media presence can be a great way for businesses to establish trust – but it must be done correctly. Use these tips to creating trust for your small business.

By Better Business Bureau® Serving Greater Cleveland

An effective social media presence can be a great way for businesses to establish trust – but it must be done correctly. Use these tips to creating trust for your small business.

Can social media play a role in creating trust? Some might scoff at the question, but social media platforms can play a big role in building brand loyalty, customer satisfaction and stronger relationships. Small business owners know these platforms are essential, despite some of the ethical questions that arise when it comes to using social media. The trick for businesses, then, is to use social media responsibly – in a way that’s honest, ethical and in sync with its values.

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Here are six tips for building trust into your social media presence:

  1. Be authentic with your audience – Most people can tell when they’re being pitched. The challenge is to create a brand voice that’s relatable to your customer. Don’t overpromise in your ads or posts, and make sure your influencers are disclosing things like “I received a free product sample from the brand.” Most importantly, speak to your users as people – use photos, videos, and words to tell them how your service solves a problem, or how your products fit into their lives.
  2. Be responsive to comments, questions and direct messages – Not only is responsiveness a core value for BBB Accredited Businesses, but it’s also one of the key responsibilities for operating a social media account. When you get a comment or message on a social platform, use this opportunity to connect. Alerts for these communications are easy to set up, so designate someone on your team to respond promptly to these interactions when they occur.
  3. Look for opportunities to be transparent – In many ways, your social media posts are the quickest way to announce important news. This comes in handy not only for instances like launching new products or locations but also for unfortunate developments like temporary closures or shipping delays. Many users might even look to your social media page first for this kind of news. Keep them in the loop by being transparent.
  4. Provide value in your posts – It’s easy to get into the habit of posting only promotions or marketing content – but it’s better to expand your content to provide more value. Strive to educate your customers by addressing FAQs, creating how-to content or featuring customer testimonials. This enables you to get the most out of the social platform while also generating trust by delivering a richer customer experience.
  5. Make privacy a priority – This goes for your customers and your team members. When posting content that might feature others, respect their privacy by asking permission first. On a similar note, resharing someone else’s post is a quick and easy thing to do, but make sure to check with the original content creator first (and don’t forget to credit them).
  6. Be active in protecting your customers’ dataHootsuite recently outlined some of these concerns as more brands turn to social commerce, so stay vigilant if your brand is exploring these opportunities. Institute safeguards that protect customers’ financial information. Include a privacy policy on your bio page and outline your terms of service and return policies. Offer opt-out options when appropriate so users don’t feel forced into subscriptions or unwanted solicitations.

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When you hit the right balance of authenticity and transparency, you’re building trust – and that’s what builds a loyal following. When crafting your social media strategies, consider this approach: Follow the brands that have gained your trust on social (if you haven’t already). Examine how they generate loyalty and consumer confidence. Can you replicate those strategies or even improve upon them?

If you’re a BBB Accredited Business, promote it on your social channels. As a brand, Better Business Bureau centers around trust. BBB Accredited Businesses have gained the confidence of customers through their partnership with BBB. Whatever your goals are, here’s why BBB Accreditation matters when it comes to trust in the modern marketplace. If these values align with your business, consider applying for BBB Accreditation. If you enjoyed this article, be sure to follow us on social media. You can find our social media links at

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